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4 Common Pitfalls Startups Make with Content Marketing

With all the hype encompassing content marketing, many new startups begin blogging or use social media without a plan. The results can be disappointing.It’s likely that these coping startups are falling for one of these 4 common pitfalls:

1. Building a Low-Quality Content Machine

Web content overwhelmed with jargon and search keywords are annoying. Your website should be as easy to understand and powerful with communicating your startup’s values.  Consider how many of your site’s visitors are converting into high-quality buyers or future business leads. Look at the content on your site and ask yourself, “Would I read this if it weren’t produced by my startup?

2. Waiting to Be Discovered

“If you build it they will come” doesn’t apply to the internet.  You have to attract customers to your startup’s content. There are multiple ways to accomplish this. Has your website been optimized so that your content is easy to find by relevant search engine users? Are you putting your content into places your target customers frequent?

3. Be Everywhere The People Are

Money is not the only scarce resource. Time is equally precious. Your startup does not need to have a large presence on every social media network. The age old adage “fish where the fish are” is not enough when considering what social networks and other online communities your startup should invest in.

Getting Involved with Mopro

Ernest Rudyak has long been involved with a cool startup company called Mopro. In fact, his ties to the company go back to when the company was initially called InTheMo. When Ernest met first met Cary Levine, the founder, he was very opposed to getting involved with the company but after speaking with Cary, Ernest saw Cary’s vision and had an appreciation for his passion for the company. Ernest has now been involved with Mopro for seven years and is enjoying every second of it.

imgres-2Mopro is the first all-in-one digital media package designed expressly for local businesses. People rejoiced that exceptional web design and broadcast-quality video was suddenly available — and affordable — for any local business with a story to tell. Mopro has helped some of the biggest brands in the world with their ever-expanding product suite to help re-invent or develop a brand or companies digital presence. Some of these brands include Levi’s, QVC, Pepsi, Microsoft, Lenovo, Yahoo!, Kraft, Jeep and many more.

Mopro prides themselves on really making a difference in a business owners life. Mopro can handle all sorts of different platforms for your business. They’ll help provide you with HD content, revamp your website, your mobile presence, help your business from a search engine optimization standpoint, enhance your social media presence as well as many more cool features. Take a look at some of their clients testimonials:

“We love our new website.” – Crossfit Sunset

“Since we switched to Mopro our bounce rate has decreased from 60% to 23%.” – Vava Vida

“Mopro makes everything simple.” – Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge

“So pleased and excited about our new website!” – G Dental

Mopro has already begun to impact other businesses in a positive light. For more on this incredible startup, check out Mopro here.

Top Startups at CES

imgres-11The Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here, some of the most prominent companies in the world gather to share the latest tech products they have to offer. Companies like Samsung, Cisco, Intel, and even motor companies like BMW and Audi. Who fly under the radar are the companies that don’t provide a product but a service. And what makes the companies that provide a service fly under the radar are the start ups that are in attendance at CES. Yes despite the huge event that is CES, startups do in fact attend. It’s a great opportunity for them to gain some attention and notoriety. Lets take a look at how some of these start ups who are attending and what they have to offer.


Imgur is the ever so popular startup that allows you to share the most popular photos on the internet. They currently have 150 million users, a great feat for a start up. They’re gaining momentum as their founder Alan Schaaf was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.


InMoji is a startup that has clickable stickers that appear in messaging apps and direct users to promotions. InMoji is hoping to secure some deals at CES in order to 1 billion audience members. Founders Michael Africk and Perry Tell are using CES to gain attention as they’ll announce they have signed household brands like Walmart, Drizly, and Fandango.


Many are probably familiar with Foursquare. They’re the app that allows you to check into various locations and potentially become the “mayor” of said location. They have actually split into two apps now and the new Foursquare that will be in attendance at CES is discussing the future of the company entering advertising.


This startup is an in store shopping app that is best known for their digital coupons. Their app was downloaded 18 million times and has 35 million monthly users.

For more on this article, check it out here.

Mopro’s New Offering

While Ernest Rudyak has his Engeocom brand, he also has another project he has been involved with other the years. Mopro, founded by Cary Levine is an all-in-one solution for local business owners that helps them reinvent their digital presence. Rudyak got involved a couple years back after meeting with Levine to discuss the vision of the company. Mopro has changed their approach to earning local businesses business.

Mopro will now do their work for a local business for at no initial cost. How does this process work? A company will reach out to Mopro’s digital specialist by calling (844) 207-9038 or emailing All the digital strategist needs is the company name, website, and a call back number. In 48 hours, Mopro will have completed their design of the new website. Mopro then will walk through the business owner of the new website in a 10 minute call. At this point it is up to the owner to determine whether or not they would like to join Mopro and complete the rest of their digital makeover.

What in fact falls under the digital makeover? Mopro is a versatile company that covers many aspects, some of which you may have overlooked or not thought of at all. While they take care of your website, they also take care of their mobile site, social media, reputation management, e-commerce, and HD video and photography. Many underestimate the thought of having a great mobile site. Not all regular websites are compatible on a mobile device like a tablet or phone which can make navigating it extremely difficult. Mopro takes care of that hurdle.

Mopro believes in what they do. So much that they’ll build you your website for free strictly off the notion that you’ll love what they have to offer and sign up. They understand it’s a huge leap for a company to essentially hand over their digital presence to another company. Mopro offers the free website build so you as a business owner feel more comfortable throughout the process. For more on Mopro, check out their website or this video below: