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How to Deliver a Pitch

ernest rudyak - pitchWhen beginning your own startup you’ll need to do many things along the way. In order to see your business grow legs, you’ll need funding. Now you can go about acquiring funding in a couple of different ways. For one, you can ask close friends and family. You could also enter a competition that awards money prizes to top contestants. You could also seek angel investors for their capital. There’s one thing constant in order to secure money in all these facets, you need to deliver a pitch. No one is just handing over money. You need to prove your concept and business model. Let’s take a look at some of the do’s and don’ts when delivering a pitch by

Work Out the Kinks

Gone are the days of piece of poster paper with a presentation on it. We now more or less you slideshow presentations. You can make a great slideshow but if you don’t practice your presentation, you can run into a bunch of errors that could cost you. Make sure that while each slide looks presentable when you go to view the presentation nothing is cut off or smushed together. You also want to make sure any special effects that you had don’t cause the presentation to freeze up or skip slides. Lastly, make sure your slides are in order. You don’t want to be thrown for a loop when one of the last slides of the presentation shows up after your title slide.

Don’t Highlight Unpreparedness

While you don’t want to over practice your presentation to the point that if comes off robotic. If you plan to not come off robotic, you also don’t want to walk in totally unprepared. That said, don’t highlight a blunder or a sign of unpreparedness. Generally a presenter will say something along the lines of, “sorry I through this together last second.” By doing so, you’re ultimately telling the viewers of your presentation that you don’t care that much about and that you don’t value their time.

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