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TechCrunch Offers New Opportunities for Startups

Ernest Rudyak - EngeocomLate Sunday evening, TechCrunch, a leading news website in the informational technologies, announced an upcoming collaboration with Sirius XM radio. Every Tuesday night at 6pm EST TechCrunch will hold a live talk show on Sirius XM Insight 121 and speak about some of the latest and ground breaking startup companies selling products that could potentially benefit users and listeners alike. 

Every week, a panel of judges will hear an elevator pitch (one minute only) from five different companies describing their business model or products. After asking a couple of questions the judges will then compare notes and deliberate on that week’s winner. 

This opportunity will be great for companies who are in the beginning phases of their business and would like to raise awareness for their brands and publicly announce information that could potentially increase traffic to their websites. Context awareness is key in engaging consumers, receiving feedback and reaching out to potential investors. The first two years is a crucial time for startups and their ability to grow is most vulnerable during in this period. 

Many companies are solely focused on going viral, which can drain marketing budgets and most likely wont be as effective. Every “top marketing tips” list focuses on leveraging social media profiles to your advantage and finding effective ways to reach as many potential costumes as possible. Being able to tell your story on TechCruch could be a huge opportunity for your company. People who are tuning in to Sirius XM Insight 121 are already interested in finding out more about information technologies and new products. Having your company broadcasted across the nation could mean huge (and free) exposure.

Below are the guidelines each company must fulfill before applying:

  1. You must have a product that is available to general users. No sign-up pages or pre-orders with a TBD ship date. There must be a link we can give to listeners/readers where they can access your product or service.
  2. You must be an early stage company. If you have raised a Series A or later, you are disqualified. Bootstrapped or seed stage startups are welcome.
  3. You must be able to pitch your product with your words only.
  4. You must be able to operate a telephone.